Safely transporting children

The new Pediatric Transport team at University Hospital has already reached a milestone of 150 transports. The pediatric specialty team, organized in January 2014, consists of eight registered nurses and 10 respiratory therapists highly skilled in pediatric critical care and dedicated to transporting critically ill or injured children in need of immediate care 24/7.

Childrens Health Campaign 2013Reaching 150 transports means “Our physicians, as well as referring physicians, trust our team,” said Michele Jakubczyk, pediatric transport coordinator at University Hospital. “And that’s a huge deal. Children require special care and we’re proud to be trusted to initiate and provide that care during transport.”

She said having specialized equipment and supplies on hand is important when transporting young patients safely to University Hospital. The team transports children from newborn to 18, diagnosed with various illnesses. “We have transported children with seizures, respiratory distress and failure, toxic ingestion and congenital heart defects, just to name a few cases,” Jakubczyk explained.

Jakubczyk said studies show better outcomes for pediatric patients transported by specialized teams. One study showed that pediatric patients transported by non-specialized teams were 61 percent more likely to experience an unplanned event.

She said since University Health System has expanded its pediatric services, a pediatric transport team was needed to offer referring facilities an option to safely transport their acutely and critically ill pediatric patients to University Hospital. “Our mission statement states that we are ‘dedicated to providing safe, effective pediatric specific acute and critical care in the transport setting to ensure that all transport patients are given the earliest and best opportunity for a positive outcome.’”

Jakubczyk said the team will continue to hone their skills through continued education, ongoing training and case reviews.

“We could not have achieved our success without the support of our leadership team,” she added. “Our goal is to reach more than 200 transports by the end of this year, and we’re looking forward to exceeding that goal.”

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