In search of great performance boards

performance board

In early July, the Operational Excellence department began an audit of performance boards throughout University Health System. The purpose was to look for efficiencies and needs in various departments, to identify outstanding areas to highlight as best practices, and to pinpoint any systemic issues facing the organization in which across-the-board training would be useful.

In July, staff audited 89 performance boards throughout the Health System, which equaled 250 various metrics. Ninety-five percent of the audited metrics were tied to our Triple Aim plus objectives.

The attributes of a great performance board are consistent goal charts that drive team engagement and continuous improvement.

For boards that require assistance, the Operational Excellence project coordinators are scheduling meetings with departments.

Kudos to all the areas maintaining great performance boards! All of these great efforts are leading to improvements, and the changes are evident in the data.

Here is a checklist for utilizing your performance board to the fullest potential.

1. Are your metrics tried into the Triple Aim plus?
2. Is your Pareto chart identifying the root cause of the fallouts?
3. Is your action plan defining what action needs to be taken? By whom? And by when?

If you have questions, please email Aaryn Hernandez-Smith or the Operational Excellence website http://intranet/Corporate/OperationalExcellence/Pages/default.aspx.


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